A Mushy Message

A bit of an uptick from my previous post, but I truly am floored. This blog has existed in different capacities for years. Many moons ago I was writing regularly on a Tumblr page that was never shared. For years journaling has been a much-loved tool of mine, so I always knew this day would come. It took a while to mull over the rough cuts with friends-but the isolation of 2020 ended up being the final motivator. The response from sharing this Blog has been nothing short of a dream come true.

It’s not easy airing out your personal dirty laundry. I dreaded the idea that people would view me as a Negative Nancy or big baby whining about personal woes during a global pandemic. As much as this Blog intends to reach a community of OIers-I love the feedback I have been receiving about the themes being discussed here feeling truly universal. Any dread or doubt I was having about this being misunderstood-has been completely eradicated.

Thank you a thousand times over to those of you who have reached out, shared your feedback, and sent over genuine warm words. I have never felt more well-received and proud of the work I’ve been doing here. Talks with OIers from all over North America, old friends, new friends, and family. You have all just continued to assure me that this is right. To utilize this very specific life experience as a tool of sharing and connecting.

This warm and fuzzy assurance has torn deep down into my icy cold heart, and amongst the tidal wave of life right now I am thankful for the opportunity to feel motivated and committed to something. It’s so healing to feel the dread of shame lift away, and know that owning this disease, and my life experience with it is nothing to be ashamed of.

Thank You.